At the middle of September, we asked viewers of Linetoweb to subscribe our emails and offered three copies of our ‘20 T-shirt social icons’ to three lucky winners of our subscribed email list. Without any delay we will announce our winners of 20 T-shirt social icons.

The Winners are:

1) Nadine Soliman

2) Eric

3) Margaret Imecs

Congratulations Nadine Soliman, Eric and Margaret Imecs. We have sent you the copy of 20 T-shirt social icons ( Just download the attached file within the email )

Still Want 20 T-shirt social icons?

Are you still interested in getting a copy of 20 T-shirt social icons? Well, for only 4 Dollars, you can grab a copy of your own over at It’s tough beating a price like that — especially for a unique t-shirt social icons.

Otherwise, we’ll certainly have more fantastic giveaways in the future! Be sure to stay in touch with us for updates and new contests!