Here is a mini tutorial on how to buy the expert secrets audio book (digital download) by Russell Brunson. The expert secrets audio book (digital version) is priced at $47 & with mp3 player it is priced at $97. Apart from this if you buy expert secrets audio book you will also get dot com secrets audio book, funnel stacking audio book, 9 secret funnels audio book for absolutely FREE.

Expert secrets audio book is available in two versions 1st is in the form of mp 3 player 2nd is in digital download.

a) The price of mp3 player with audio version book in it is $97.

b) The price of expert secrets audio book in form of digital download is $47.

Here is how you can get the Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Audio Book Today :

Step 1 : Go to this link >> Click Here To Get Your Expert Secrets Audio Book.

Step 2 : Fill your name and address on the page and pay for the shipping of the expert secrets book by Russell Brunson. The book is absolutely free you only need to cover the shipping cost.

Step 3 : On the upsell page you can choose to buy the audio version recording of the book in mp3 player or in digital download format. The price for mp3 player with audio installed in it is 97$ & digital download is 47$