Thesis is one of the best WordPress theme with many features in it. In one of my previous post i discussed how you can change sidebar text links colors in thesis WordPress theme. In this tutorial we will discuss about changing colors of sidebar headers.

How to change the colours of sidebar header in Thesis WordPress theme

  • Login to your WordPress Admin panel and Click Custom File Editor in Thesis options.
  • Add the following code in custom.css file and click the save button and you are done. (Remember before editing thesis custom.css file take a complete backup of the custom.css file via any FTP client Make sure you insert the code very precisely, else it may crash or lay down your website)

[php]/* Sidebar color Tutorial by LineToWeb */
.custom .sidebar h3 {font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF; padding: 0px 5px; background: #1692C7;}[/php]

In the above code I have used #FFFFFFF has the sidebar header font color and #1692C7 has the background color you can also change the color according to your needs.

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