Recently i was working on one of my client’s site. I need to change the color of links appearing at the sidebar. At first i applied a piece of  code as shown below in custom.css file.

.custom a, .custom a:visited { color: #090; } /* This makes links green */
.custom a:hover { color: #00f; } /* This makes links blue when you mouse over them */

But the problem was the link color changed to blue throughout the site. Even if we move mouse to any links in the navigational menu it was hovered to blue color. Now coming to the topic.

How to change color of sidebar links in thesis

1. Take a back up of custom.css and custom_functions.php file.

2. Open custom file editor under thesis tab and paste this piece of code in custom.css style sheet and then save it.

[php]/*********Custom sidebar text link color************/

.custom li.widget a{ color: #090; }

.custom li.widget a:hover { color: #d35334; text-decoration: none; } [/php]

This code will change the sidebar text links to green color and hover a red color to the links.( You can change the color codes that suits to your needs ) I just removed the underlines from the text links if you want the underline for the links then just change this text-decoration: underline; in the above code.

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