There are 3 Secrets to grow an email list 3x faster.
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Anik has been creating optin pages, free gifts, thank you pages, and autoresponders for years.
Decades, actually.
He has personally built lists in the millions and has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to build email lists.
But here’s the thing:
List building is a continually evolving process and they have nailed down the 3 secrets that are working RIGHT NOW.
And not just in theory.
They have actual proof and CASE STUDIES to share with you that will shake down some misleading ‘perceived truths’.
– Everyone’s on about video, video, video. But they shake down that myth with a solid test.
– For one of their case studies, they got 5 figure optins WITHOUT an optin page.
– They even managed to get optins from their ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ pages. Say what?
In fact, there are simple things and simple MISTAKES that slow down list building.
Here are some common mistakes:
#1. Not monetizing your WASTED pages
#2. Copying funnels, but also their mistakes.
#3. Mistakes with the optin page, or the free gift, or both.
Join them on a free training session where they will reveal 3 secrets to grow a list 3X faster. They bare it all on this free webinar:
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