Last Updated on : 24 July 2017

The price of Russell Brunson audio book is 47$. Russell Brunson know many people are not going to read the expert secrets book. So Russell has recorded the audio of the book and you can buy this audio on the upsell.

Expert Secrets Book audio version by russell brunson

Here is how you can get the Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Audio Book Today :

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Step 2 : Fill your name and address on the page and pay for the shipping of the expert secrets book by Russell Brunson. The book is absolutely free you only need to cover the shipping cost.

Step 3 : On the upsell page you can choose to buy the audio version recording of the book for 47$.

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You can also buy black box if you want to here is what’s inside the secret funnel hacker black box by Russell Brunson.

Our recommendation is you even buy the blackbox because you will get dotcomsecrets book with it.