Few days back I have received an email from Russell Brunson as follows :

” So, we are about to launch our new viral video we did with the Harmon Brothers (the same guys who did Squatty Pottie, PooPouri and a ton of other awesome viral videos) and so we thought we’d throw a launch party… 🙂

But not any normal, boring launch party…

– 200 of the top social influencers in the world WILL be there…
– Gary V. will be there…
– After the video launches, we have the Guiness book of world records coming so we can…
– Play the LARGEST game of bubble soccer in the history of the world!

It’s gonna be fun, and I posted a video to show you how YOU can get a free ticket. Check it out here

Hopefully I can see you in Boise in a few weeks for our launch party!

Russell Brunson “

Basically what this email means is :

Russell Brunson is giving away a huge party on 15th September 2017 in Boise, Idaho where he will also launch the new viral video.

On this launch event :

> GARY VAYNERCHUK will give a special presentaion on “How To Use Social To Fuel Your Direct Response Funnels, Grow Your Brand and Change The World”
> RUSSELL BRUNSON will give a special presentaion on “How We Grew ClickFunnels From $0 To $100,000,000 In 3 Years Without Taking On ANY Venture Capital”
> THE HARMON BROTHERS give a special presentaion on “Learn The Secrets Behind Viral Marketing From The Marketers Behind Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri and More!”

Apart from this once the viral video is launched, Guiness book of world records team will be coming to judge the bubble soccer game.

– 200 people will Play the LARGEST game of bubble soccer in the history of the world!

There are totally 200 seats in which Russell is giving away 150 to top social media influencers and other 50 are for affiliate marketers.

Here is How To Qualify For The Party!!!

Russell Brunson is doing a mini launch for our new FUNNEL HACKER COOKBOOK on august 29 to 31 (2017).

So the top 50 affiliates will be qualified for the ticket.

On September 1st, Russell Brunson team will Notify The Top 50 Who Have Qualified For Their Ticket To The Event!

I am already registered as an affiliate for funnel hackers cookbook contest. I am taking part in this contest.

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Quick Note : Read all the terms and conditions before promoting. Also you can contact them any time if you have any query.