In my previous post i explained what is sitemap and top 3 reasons to why you must have a sitemap for your website.

How to generate sitemap for your WordPress blog or site ?

When we talk about WordPress search engine optimization the thing that is most essential is about to generate a XML sitemap for your website for better indexing your site properly in some major search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, ask etc., Here is quick tutorial on how to generate XML sitemap for your WordPress blog or site using Google XML sitemap plugin.

Download Google XML sitemap plugin

  • After downloading the plugin upload it via ftp client like filezilla into your WordPress plugin folder and activate the plugin or you can also install the plugin directly from WordPress admin panel.

    How to configure Google XML sitemap plugin for better WordPress SEO

    1) Basic Options

    2) Post priority

    Select the second option based on comment count.

    3) Sitemap content : This is the most important thing for better WordPress search engine optimization. Never select the tag option in the sitemap content because it will create a duplicate issue in search engines and you may be penalized for duplicate issue.

    For example we have a post named How to submit your sitemap to ask search engine I have added tag to it like ask search engine, ask, sitemap to ask All of the three tags takes you to the same post so if you generate your sitemap using tags then there will be a number of search engine queries linking to the same post and obviously search engine don’t like this and it is same with categories and archives i have disabled both because i have post which have been listed in more than one categories.

    Linetoweb sitemap example

    4) Changing Frequencies and Priorities : It depends on each individuals and posting frequency for there blog.

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