This beautifully colored statement piece can be created quickly and easily. The results, however, look as though the bead artist spent weeks making it! It is stylish and unique enough that any woman would be proud to own it. In addition to the other supplies mentioned below, a 13” strand of copper twisted oval link chain is also used. The chain should be snipped so that one end finishes off with a small link.

Begin by choosing 15 strand of rainbow colored beads. Strands of solid color beads can also be used, but rainbow beads give a nicer blending of colors for a more dramatic effect. Fewer strands may be used, but 15 is the maximum number that one should use for this project. The line on each strand should be cut to 27”.

The strands should be separated into groups of 5. Thread 5 of them through a beading needle that has a large eye. Thread on a single size 8.0 seed bead and leave a tail that is about 2” long. Bring the needle back through and finish off by tying an ordinary overhand knot with the tail ends of the strands. Insert the bead end into the bead tip and close using needle nosed pliers. Repeat with the other strands.

Connect all strands with jump rings and attach to the copper chain. Add a toggle clasp of choice and attach a 6mm jump ring to the bar portion of the clasp. Attach all strands and the necklace is complete.