Yahoo search engine is one the most famous search engines after Google.  You should not only submit your site to Google search engine. To get more traffic to your blog we must also concentrate on other search engines  too like yahoo, bing, ask etc.,

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How to submit your site or blog to yahoo explorer

1. Go to yahoo site explorer.

2.  Now enter your domain and  click on add my site.

3. On the next page, Login with your existing yahoo account ( You can also use Facebook or Google account to sign in  ) or you can also create a new account.

4.  Now you have to verify your ownership of your site. You can verify ownership of your site by two methods one is by uploading a verification file to your server and the second one is adding a meta tag on your homepage. I prefer the 1st method as it is easy to use and there is no need of modifying meta tags on the home page. First download the verification file and you can use any FTP client like filezilla to upload the file to your server. Once you have uploaded the file click ready to authenticate and on the next page you will see a confirmation message.

5. Now you have to add your site’s feed.

for example :

Instead of you have to change it to your domain usually for WordPress blogs you can find feed at

6. After going to feeds option you will see a page as shown below. Enter feed in front of your domain ( or the exact place where you feeds are ) and click on add feed.

Now you have successfully submitted your WordPress blog to yahoo site explorer. Do let us know what are the other search engines you are getting traffic from via comment section below.