Many webmasters and bloggers started to think how they can increase their website speed. The recent changes in Google algorithm clearly states that they want thier users to enjoy a better experience when searching the web therefore faster websites and blogs will enjoy higher rankings in thier search results.

If you are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) then there is a plugin known as WP super cache WordPress plugin. The plugin helps to increase the overall speed of the site.

How WP super cache plugin works

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users, but because a user’s details are displayed in the comment form after they leave a comment those requests are handled by the legacy caching engine. Static files are served to:

  1. Users who are not logged in.
  2. Users who have not left a comment on your blog.
  3. Or users who have not viewed a password protected post.

This means that your web hosting server saves a copy of all your pages and posts. So whenever a person visits to your site he will be served the saved copy from the web hosting server without undergoing to any WordPress core files. So this will increase your loading time of the site. Even though  some visitors may not see the static files because logged in users who make a comment will not as they need to access your live site to leave a comment.

When your site get some large amount of traffic then wp super cache WordPress plugin will also help to prevent your site or blog to get crashed.

How to Install WP super cache plugin for WordPress blogs

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click on Add New under Plugins in your wordpress dashboard and enter wp super cache in the search box.
  • Install and activate the plugin.

You can also refer our tutorial on How to install plugin directly from WordPress admin panel Or you can also download the plugin from here and upload it via any FTP client.

The easy setup of WP super cache WordPress plugin

There are much configuration to implement in wp-super-cache setting but for beginners i recommend you to use easy setup.

After activating the plugin move over to setting from the WordPress admin panel and select WP super cache. You will a screen as shown below.

Initially the caching will be off, select the Caching on option and click update status.

Now you have setup the WP super cache plugin successfully. Now you can check your site and feel the difference.