How to install WordPress step by step tutorial

  • Login to your web hosting’s cpanel and click on Fantastico Deluxe which is under software/services category.

  • On the next page you will see a screen as shown below. Select WordPress Which is under Blogs categories.

  • On the next screen click on New installation.

  • After clicking on new installation link you will see a screen as shown below.

  • Next is you should select the domain on which you want to install your WordPress. In the above screenshot i have selected domain as
  • Select in which directory you want to install the WordPress. Suppose if you leave it blank you can access your WordPress site at your main domain itself.
  • For example :

    Root directory :
    Sub directory :

    Note : If you are installing WordPress in subdirectory then enter only the name don’t enter the whole link. For example if you want to install WordPress in subdirectory known as blog then write only blog don’t write as a subdirectory.

  • Next you should enter your desired username and password to access your WordPress site under admin access data.
  • Now coming to basic configuration enter your nickname, email, website’s name and description.
  • After filling up everything finally click on install WordPress and then click finish installation on the next screen. If everything went fine then you can see your brand new installed WordPress blog under you domain or subdirectory.

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