Every newbie blogger want there Google adsense approval as soon as possible. But they will get rejected by Google for many reasons like domains must be six months old, due to contents, professional looks etc., Here is a small trick which i used for my blog and got approved for adsense account within two days even though my site is very new (18 days old domain) with not much traffic.

How to quickly get approved by Google adsense

  • Create a custom search engine link.
  • Login with your existing Google account or you can create a new one.
  • Fill in the details name, description, language, sites to search etc.,
  • After filling the form choose or customize your style and get the code. You can paste the code where ever you want your search box to appear.
  • On the same page where you have got the code below there will be a option to make money with google adsense.
  • After clicking on make money on the next page you will see two options I am a new AdSense user and I already have an AdSense account, click on I am a new AdSense user and fill up the form and wait for sometime you will get an email from Google. I got the confirmation mail after 2 days after applying for an adsense account.
  • If you got approved for Google adsense via this method then don’t forget to leave a comment below.