So, Russell Brunson recently had his birthday… (yes, he looks like he’s still 14, but he’s actually turning 37, ha)

–> and to celebrate he has a SUPER cool gift for YOU
(Strange. Thought gift give went the other way)

Tomorrow, he’s going to share with you THE #1 Presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE 2017…

It was called:

“Follow-up Funnels: The Often Overlooked ‘Second Funnel’ That Is Invisible To The Naked Eye, Yet In December Alone Made Us $16.49 For Every $1 We Made In Our Funnels…”

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The whole 90 minute presentation was streamed LIVE on Facebook, and had 2000+ people watching…

but luckily I saved the video for you (just register and I’ll send it to you..

Yes, that means you need to schedule it in your calendar, block out the time, and show up…

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I’m SO excited to share this with you! I’ll see you on the next page!