The Big Question is do you even need secret masterclass by Russell Brunson to build a successful business online in 2020 ?  What the 1% of clickfunnels users know that other 99% of other click funnels users don’t know find out the answer in this Russell Brunson secrets masterclass ultimate review…

What is Secrets Masterclass By Russell Brunson ?

secrets masterclass russell brunson review

Secrets Masterclass is a exciting long webinar (also known as masterclass event) in which Russell Brunson’s promises to hand you the exact blueprint showing what the top 1% of clickfunnels users are doing differently that the other 99% of clickfunnels users are not doing. At the time of writing this article there are around 1 lakh plus clickfunnel members and so far 787 users have won the two comma club award. 

By the way if you are brand new here and don’t know what is clickfunnels and what are these two comma club awards then you can read this part below or you can skip it..

Before understanding clickfunnel lets first understand what is a sales funnel ? A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that will do the selling for you. 

What exactly is the difference between a website and a sales funnel ? Clickfunnels is a website and a sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. Yes, ClickFunnels was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren’t programmers and who don’t know how to code, can easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel, to grow your company online!  Let me show you it works:  

  • Guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave)
  • Point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem
  • Follow-up with your visitors, even after they leave your page!

Using clickfunnels software you can create beautiful sales funnels that can convert your visitors in leads and leads into customers without having to hire or rely on a tech team. Any business in the world which needs to generate leads and customers can use clickfunnels to grow their business.

Overall if you want me to describe clickfunnels then my answer would be : Clickfunnels is a software by Russell Brunson. You only need this software to market, sell and deliver your products online. 

Now that you understood clickfunnels now what are the two comma club awards? Basically anyone in this world who ever has build a funnel that has made over $1,000,000 through ClickFunnels can become a member of “2 comma club” & the award given to these members are known as two comma club awards. To know more about two comma club you can watch the video below by Russell Brunson..

But the question is how we generate $1,000,000 through ClickFunnels & join 2 comma club ?

Are you excited to know that the answer to this is inside the secrets masterclass.

What’s Exactly Inside the Secret Masterclass Webinar ? 

secrets masterclass webinar russell brunson


What are the these Big Secrets that 1% of Clickfunnel Users (i.e two comma club members) Know that other clickfunnels users don’t know or they aren’t aware of? 

Here Russell Brunson talks about the three big secrets that two comma club members know and they are aware of..

If you know these three secrets even you will be the Master of the Secrets Masterclass. These are the three big secrets or three big principle that if you master these 3 secrets  will help you to build a successful business both online and offline. You can use these strategies, tactics or principles inside your funnels.

All the 3 big secrets has a book inside it. To deeply understand secret masterclass you need to read all the three books and master it.. You can also be the next two comma club award winner..  😉 Who Know’s 

Are you excited to know the 3 big secrets by Russell Brunson ? Lets get started..

Secret #1 : Russell Brunson Uncovered A New Secret Funnel Strategy That Almost Nobody Knows About… That Has the Ability To Grow You Company Faster Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Experienced!…?

Big secret funnel

Here in secret number one Russell explains about Funnel Hacking. 

Funnel Hacking is the process of strategically investigating the sales and marketing process of your competitors, which you can use to model and test within your own sales & marketing processes.

Step #1 : Find Someone Successful To Funnel Hack (Aka Model) , Don’t Copy, Model it. There is a huge difference between copying and modeling it.

Step #2 : Buy Their Product.

Step #3 : Sketch A Blueprint (Aka Your Business Model).

Step #4 : Build it in Clickfunnels

Usually 99% of Business use this 4 categories of funnels and they are as follows : Lead Funnels, Unboxing Funnel, Presentation Funnel & Phone Funnel. See the image below there are in total 10 different type of funnels :

Different types of funnels


  1. Lead Funnel or Squeeze Page Funnel
  2. Survey Funnel
  3. Summit Funnel  
  4. Book Funnel
  5. Cart Funnel
  6. Challenge Funnel
  7. Video Sales Letter (VSL) Funnel
  8. Webinar Funnel
  9. Product Launch Funnel
  10. Application Funnel

Big Secret Book #1 : DotComSecrets Book ( Click Here to get DotComSecrets Book For Free.. )

To know more about funnels and funnel hacking read DotComSecrets Book. It is the underground playbook to grow your company online. Inside the book you’ll learn more in-depth about sales funnel secrets, the funnels in the value ladder, funnel scripts & building your funnel.

Secret #2 : Russell Looked Behind The Scenes Of 6,187,948 funnels and 130,728 Split Tests… Russell Learned In This New Research That The Single Biggest Secret To Selling More Inside Of Your Funnels ? (Without Driving Any Extra Traffic! )

story selling secret funnels

There is a difference between having a funnel & having a funnel that actually makes money?

It was not

  1. What type of funnel you used…
  2. What your designed look like…
  3. Or even What you were Selling!

Here in secret number two Russell explains about the ability to communicate your story with the people who entered into your funnels… He explains the concept about story selling. People need to listen to your story why you created this thing ? Your Stories move them through your funnel.

Big Secret Book #2 : ExpertSecrets Book ( Click Here to get ExpertSecrets Book For Free.. )

To know more about funnels conversion read ExpertSecrets Book. It is the underground playbook for converting your online visitors into lifelong customers. Inside the book you’ll learn more in-depth about creating your movement, the new opportunity (your offer), creating belief, 10x secrets one to many selling & becoming your dream customer’s guide.

Secret #3 : How To Get The Right Traffic (Aka Your Dream Customers) To Find You Online!

3 types of traffic secrets

Here in secret number three Russell explains about you don’t have to create traffic. Traffic is already there. You just need to go and find the people where they are congregating and through your hooks to get them them into your world.

There are two ways you can get traffic :

  1. Buying Your Way In
  2. Working Your Way In 

Ultimately your goal is to convert both type of traffic into the traffic you own (Aka Your List)

Big Secret Book #3 : TrafficSecrets Book ( Click Here to get TrafficSecrets Book For Free.. )

To know more about dream customers read TrafficSecrets Book. It is the underground playbook for filling your websites and funnels with your dream customers. Inside the book you’ll learn more in-depth about your dream customer, filling your funnels, growth hacking, cold traffic and much more..

Since you are here and reading for so long so I want to share with you my 

Bonus secret #4 : Money is in “The List”.  🙂

We have covered all the three Big Secrets which Russell Talks about in his Secrets Masterclass. So Overall if I summarise all three big secrets in one line it will be like :

Big Secret #1 : You Need To Have A Funnel.

Big Secret #2 : You Need To Learn How To Convert a Funnel.

Big Secret #3 : You Need To Learn How To Get Traffic To a Funnel.

Who is Russell Brunson ?

 Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is one of the best intenet marketer in the world. Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University.  Within a year of graduating he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services from his basement!

Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.  

What You Will Get Inside Secrets Masterclass By Russell Brunson ?

secret masterclass success path russell brunson


  1. 6 Months Of Clickfunnels Platinum Membership For Free. That means there are no monthly fees for 6 months..

With Clickfunnels Software you’ll be able to get rid of… landing page software, split test software, shopping cart, email autoresponders, text message autoresponders, automated webinar, affiliate software, membership site software, photoshop, WordPress, your web hosting, programmers, designers, webmasters and so much more..

2) 30 Days One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is NOT just some “course” that you’ll never use… 

It combines the right marketing KNOWLEDGE…

With the SHOVE you need to EXECUTE your funnel… 

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you off the hook… 

That’s the biggest challenge in getting your first (or next) funnel started… 

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem…

It’s A Lack Of EXECUTION…(or, not executing the right way).

With O.F.A (One Funnel Away) challenge you’ll get access to 30 days of video’s mission from Russell Brunson, 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian, 30 day plan digital copy, assignments, accountability and much more..

OFA is divided into four week & In this 4 week you’ll learn more about :

Week #1 : Offer Creation

Week #2 : Publishing

Week #3 : Funnel Building

Week #4 : Traffic

3) Virtual Daily Hack-A-Thon’s

Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon’s offered as a free coaching opportunity to ClickFunnels Platinum members. If you’re looking to learn how to build a specific type of funnel, Hackathons are a great resource to utilize. 

Each Hackathon focuses on one type of funnel and how to build this funnel out for your business. These are a deep dive into funnel building with ClickFunnels coaches, showing you step-by-step how to build this funnel for your business. There is also a Q&A part of the hackathon, where all Platinum members can ask any questions they have about the funnel and how to implement it in their business. 

4) 10X Secrets Course

This is a special course in which Russell Brunson breaks down slide by slide of how he made 3.2 million $ in 90 minutes in Grant Cardone 10X event.

In 10X secrets course You’ll also get access to Russell’s $100,000,000 slides, 10X secrets masterclass, Russell 10X secrets swipe files, The 5 minute perfect webinar.

5) Traffic Secrets 

It is the mother of all traffic training. If you’ve been looking to master cold traffic, This is the high level traffic mastery program by Russell Brunson. 

6) AdSkills 

This course you can go through once and give it to your team so they can advertise your business on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter  and much more. It also has traffic traps and market research blueprint.

Bonus #1 : Follow up funnel software

follow up funnel software

It is basically a email auto responder. This software is inside clickfunnels. You don’t need a third party email responder. Although you can link third party email auto responders if you need for example aweber, infusionsoft, mail chimp etc.,

Follow up funnel software is free with clickfunnels platinum. You don’t need to pay anything extra. 

You can have unlimited number of contacts inside follow up funnels where as in some other autoresponders companies you have to more money as your contacts are increased.

Bonus #2 : Funnel Images Software & Funnelytics Free Version Software

Using funnel images software you can edit the pre made images, banners, buttons, arrows and much more., which can be used in your funnels or for marketing your business. Funnelytics is your new secret weapon for mapping funnels, calculating the stats that will make them profitable, and delivering results that are backed by clear, easy-to-read data.

Bonus #3 : Unlimited Funnels, Pages, Visitors & Contacts

With Clickfunnels Platinum you can build unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, unlimited contacts and have unlimited visitors to you funnel.

Bonus #4 : 6 Months Access to FunnelFlix


With Clickfunnels platinum you will also get access to funnelflix. Funnelflix is like Netflix for Entrepreneurs. Do you know that even 10X secrets course, Traffic secrets, adskills are all part of funnelflix. You can use the same login details to access funnelflix which you have used to sign up for secret masterclass.

Bonus #5 : Subscriber Reviver Challenge By Yara Golden

yara golden subscriber reviver challenge

Got a list of subscribers not buying your stuff? Most people think that the only way to sell to their email list is to show up in one of 3 ways: 1. Beat them over the head til they buy; 2. Automate the process and ghost them between sales pitches; 3. Be super nice and never make an offer. Discover how to write engaging, entertaining, and empowering emails that sell like crazy using this unique system.

Bonus #6 : The Machine By Ryan Deiss

ryan deiss the machine

Want hundreds of proven, word for word email templates and blueprints for your business? Marketing and sales wizard Ryan Deiss coaches you on the ultimate turnkey email system for engaging, indoctrinating and selling to your list! You get the exact same email templates Digital Marketer uses to communicate with their list AND create a 9 figure business! 

Bonus #7 : Product Secret By Russell Brunson

product secrets by russell brunson

Got an idea for a product that you KNOW will transform lives? Perfect. Here’s how you make your dream a reality, where you go from idea to done…whether it’s a product, program, coaching offer, or service. PLUS, you’ll discover how to PRESELL your course BEFORE you even start building it! Discover how to outline, design, and create a killer product. You’ll get the entire process, styles and types of courses, and how you can crank it out in just days or weeks instead of months or years. Position your course to be delivered as a teacher, instructor, expert, coach, or mentor. 

Bonus #8 : Info Business Blueprint By Frank Kern

Frank Kern Info business Blueprint

If you’ve ever thought of creating your own product or offer then there’s no better place to start than with the Info Business Blueprint. Everything you need to get your online business up and running is right here. Frank takes you by the hand and explores the 3 foundational pillars to building your empire…Products, Marketing, and Sales. You’ll get the frameworks and platforms for delivering your dream product to your customers. Finding your ideal target audience has never been easier with these stealth research tools and strategies. Discover how to attract your prospects with magnetic ads and persuasive copy. The key to your success is not about getting it perfect, but to get it going. Learn how to get your offer done and launched in record time. 

Bonus #9 : Funnel University By Russell Brunson

funnell university russell brunson

This is one university where you won’t be spending $50,000 on tuition. But one single training of our monthly ‘video classroom’ WILL deliver $50,000 in marketing education. Russell invite you to enter our ‘secret laboratory’ where we slip on our white coats and dissect, analyze, and compile the BEST of the BEST when it comes to funnel strategy, offers, split tests, special ClickFunnels code, maximizing sales, blueprints, scripts, and cheat sheets. What’s so cool is that Russell take a serious microscopic look at other FunnelHackers’ winning funnels to find out WHY they work so well. And the best part is, you get to apply all this “Harvard” grade intel to YOUR business!

Bonus #10 : Mass Control & Mass Conversion By Frank Kern

frank kern mass control

Attracting prospects ( Mass Control) and converting them into buying customers (Mass Conversion) is at the heart of all marketing and business growth. It all starts with knowing how to create desire, bond with your audience, and instill trust. Discover how to create the entire framework and storyline to magnetize your ideal clients and customers to you.You’ll learn the psychology behind creating irresistible desire and how to tap basic human triggers to get your prospects know, like, and follow you anywhere. Once you’ve gained their trust, you’re now ready to convert them to buying customers. Learn how to create the perfect lead magnets, position yourself as the celebrity-authority in your niche, and create presentations that educate, inspire, and sell like crazy.

Bonus #11 : Tony Robbins Private Collection

tony robbins private collection

There’s a reason Tony Robbins was the Keynote for the past 2 years at FHL. A personal friend and coach to Russell Brunson, Tony is the world’s #1 Life and Business Strategist. He’s the one person that CEOs, world class athletes, performers, and world leaders look to for that performance edge. For over 4 decades, he’s touched and transformed the lives of over 50 million people. His teachings and seminars will leave an indelible mark and empower you to perform at peak levels. If you’re looking for excellence in your life…in business, relationships, building wealth, focus, health, energy…do yourself a big favor and experience these exclusive trainings. 

And Much More…

The Conclusion : Pros & Cons Of Secrets Masterclass

Clickfunnels is not a Business Opportunity, Its not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in lots and lots of work. Its like in real world or real business where success isn’t guaranteed. But if you put in the work success will come sooner or later. All these three big secrets strategies & tactics are cool and can be applied to any business but still you have to come up with your own business ideas. Clickfunnels can grow your business faster online but the con here is you need to have an existing business already which you can grow. You still need to have a product or somebody else product which you can promote as an affiliate or have a service based business model. If you don’t have any business ideas or planning to do business in future then you can stay away from this product unless you need an education about business and marketing.


Watch the above image carefully, Imagine you are standing alone as shown in the above image and you still don’t know much about internet marketing, how to make money online(selling either a physical or digital products, services online), Affiliate marketing (selling other people products) etc., & On the other side there are bunch of people who has made more than $1,000,000 online. They are two comma club members they understand how to make money online.

If you are thinking that price is little bit higher but its not because when I started in internet marketing one good internet marketing course was around $1997. But in secrets masterclass you are getting access to many of such courses like frank kern courses collection, Russell Brunson courses collection and many more courses for only $997 for 6 months of access. If you think in that way then the price will not be higher for you. For any reason if you still can’t afford it you can get started with reading the three secrets books which I mentioned in the starting and at later stage you can join secrets masterclass. Till then you can also bookmark this page so you can check back later (Press cmd/ctrl + D to bookmark)  

At the beginning I asked about do you even need secret masterclass by Russell Brunson to build a successful business online in 2020 ? My answer is yes and I have myself purchased the secrets masterclass. I don’t recommend any product which I personally don’t use or if I don’t understand the product.

Why you should enroll in secrets masterclass program ? Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins and more teachers will teach you about internet marketing, online business, personal development, business strategies, funnel building and much more.. According to me if you look at the overall internet marketing picture and end up buying coaching  or training course products after products and get no results in the end. Then Russell Brunson Secrets Masterclass is for you. Russell Brunson has shared all his top secret internet marketing strategies into this. I highly recommend this course by Russell Brunson. This is the closest thing to being in Russell’s inner circle – aka guaranteed results. If you’ve been struggling to make money online and want to sure fire, fast track path to 7 figures online – you need the Secrets Masterclass Package. See you inside the members area of secrets masterclass program.

( ” You live only once, But if you do it right Once is Enough ” – Mae West ).

secret masterclass money back gurantee.jpg

Secrets Masterclass comes with 100% no question asked money back guarantee. For any reason you find that its not worth it. Just send an email to clickfunnels team within 30 days that you need your money back. 100% money will be returned to you with no question asked. 

How To Get The Secrets Masterclass Package By Russell Brunson

secrets masteclass pricing

Here is how you can buy secrets masterclass today by Russell Brunson. The secrets masterclass complete package is priced at $997 for six months.

If you are a complete new beginner and have no idea about secrets masterclass then click the button below to get access to secrets masterclass free training webinar by Russell Brunson.. (Remember the webinar will be live only on Thursday if you miss it you need to wait for the next Thursday)


If you want to buy secrets masterclass directly by Russell Brunson then you can click the button below.