To get more traffic for our websites we have to submit our site to some major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and ask( How to submit your website to ). Many webmaster and bloggers neglect different search engines other than Google but you must think that you can also get large amount of traffic from other search engines also.

How to submit your site to Bing search engine

For better indexing your site on bing search engine you should submit your blog sitemap to bing webmaster tools. The first thing you want to do is generate a sitemap for your site or blog. For WordPress users you can refer this tutorial How to generate sitemap for your WordPress blog or site.

After creating your sitemap log sign in to Bing webmaster tool,

You can use your existing Hotmail account to login, else create a new one.

Once you have logged in then click on add new site

After adding your site you have to verify your ownership of the site you can do it by placing a XML file on your web server or You can add a <meta> tag containing the authentication code to the <head> section of your default webpage.

1st method : Uploading file to web server

  • Download BingSiteAuth.xml
  • Upload the file to ( You can use any FTP client like filezilla )
  • Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser
  • Click the verify button below.

Then once your site has been successfully verified, then click on add sitemap tab and add your sitemap and save it.

Now you have successfully added sitemap to bing search engine. Now whenever you publish new posts you can ping bing for better indexing your posts or If you are using WordPress then you can use Google XML sitemap plugin it will automatically ping your post and pages to bing.

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