Search engine can help our blog to large extent by bringing traffic to our blogs. Whenever we talk about submitting a site to search engine the first name comes in our mind is Google. Google is the top most search engine users use around the globe till now.

How to submit Your WordPress blog to Google webmastertools

  • Before submitting your sitemap to Google webmaster tools the first thing we need is to generate your WordPress blog sitemap.

Here are some posts which will help you to understand what is sitemap and how to generate sitemap for your WordPress blog.

1. What is sitemap and Top 3 reasons why you must have sitemap for your WordPress blog.

2.  Google XML sitemap : WordPress plugin

3.  How to generate WordPress sitemap for better Search engine optimization.

I think after going via all above post you will be having a better idea about sitemap and how to generate sitemap for your WordPress blogs. I hope by now you have created sitemap for your blog and ready to submit to Google search engine.

  • Go to instead of you replace it with your domain. If everything is went fine then you must see a sitemap of your blog. For reference you can also check LineToWeb sitemap.
  • Now open Google webmaster tools. You can sign in with your existing Google account login details or using your gmail account. If you don’t have a account then create a new one.
  • Once you have logged into Google webmaster tools you will see a option of Add a site. Just click on add a site and enter your domain and click on continue.

  • On the next page it will give you will be provided with the options of verifying your ownership of the site.

1. You can use this option if you can upload new files to your site.

2. You can use this option if you can edit your site’s HTML.

3. You can use this option if your site already has a Google Analytics tracking code that uses the asynchronous snippet. You must be an administrator on the Analytics account.

4. Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration. You can use this option if you can sign in to your domain registrar or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.

  • You can verify your ownership from the above listed methods. I prefer to use the 1st method because its very easy and there will be no need to adding meta tags to your site’s homepage etc., You can use any of the FTP clients like filezilla etc., to upload the html file to the server. Remember to stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.
  • Now since your site has been verified now its time to submit your blog’s sitemap to Google webmaster tools. Go to dashboard of your site on Google webmaster tools and there you will see a option of Submit a sitemap click on that.

  • On the next page click on submit a sitemap tab and enter sitemap.xml in front of your domain and then click on submit sitemap.

Now you have successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools. Now Google crawlers will crawl your website using Google webmaster tools.

Did you find any difficulties in submitting your WordPress blog sitemap to Google Webmaster tools kindly share your views in the comment section below. If you like this post then you also subscribe to LineToWeb free newsletters.

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