How to choose a web hosting provider can be a complicate process ? There are so many web hosting companies in the industry providing some attractive packages so the user gets confused which offer is best suited for there website.

Before you buy web hosting package you should take care about some basic factors as follows:

Security and Reliability

You need to make sure that the hosting provider has serious security measures to protect your site from virus and other spam activities. You need to ensure that the hosting provider has a live firewall and security patches available for your site.

web hosting cost and set up fees

Price is most important while choosing for a web hosting for your site. Many user search for cheap web hosting provider available now with more features in it. Remember many web hosting plans are cheapest it may be due to many reasons like competition, offer least reliability to the customer etc.,

Customer service

Customer service is also equally important aspect as other while opting for a web hosting provider. DO they offer 24/7/365 live support ? What are the ways you can contact your service provider Do they support via email, by phone or via chats ? Is the number of your web hosting provider is toll free ? You can genuinely test their customer service by contacting them via email or any other means.

Server up time

There is nothing worse than your web site goes down frequently. You will loose lot of visitors for your web site. If some one find your site at Google and clicks the link and he doesn’t found your site live then he simply goes away from your site and search for different sites. Till now no one on this planet can provide you with 100% up time guarantee from any web hosting company. But you can find some web host which provides 99% or higher uptime guaranteed .

Server backups

You should ensure that if anything happens bad to the server then the files are not lost. So contact your service provider whether they have periodic updates and multiple backups of your files at different server locations.

Terms and conditions

No matter with any web hosting you buy you should agree to their terms and conditions. Terms and condition which is a lengthy page with lots of text that most of us never read while buy a web host. If you carefully look at there terms and conditions there will be always some tips and tricks especially for your unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space accounts. So read the page carefully to understand what are your account limitations.


It’s a control panel with a user friendly interface where you easily manage files and do many other tasks easily. Its an important thing your hosting provider must have.

I personally recommend Hostgator web hosting because It is one of the best web hosting provider in the industry with most available features.