First of all what is sitemap and why sitemap are important for a website or blogs. A sitemap is a page containing links to all the posts and pages in a site or a blog. Many webmaster and bloggers underestimate the importance of having a sitemap for a website. Below are the top 3 reasons why you must have a sitemap for your site or blog.

Search engine optimization

Sitemaps are very much important for search engine optimization purposes. Sitemap provides easy navigation and extreme visibility in search engines like Google, ask, bing etc., When you make any changes to your pages or posts in your site search engine will not index it soon but with the help of sitemap the pages and posts get indexed faster. Hence it is a way of immediately informing search engines. Even though it is not guarantee that search engine will index you site as soon as you submit your sitemap but it will index at faster rate when compared if you don’t have sitemap for your site. Sitemap does opposite to robots.txt file, It tells search engine to what are the things to be indexed whereas robots.txt file tells search engine what are the things to be excluded while indexing your site.

How sitemap works ?

Sitemap is nothing but a additional page containing links to every page or posts on your site or blog. If a search engine spiders or bots hits the sitemap page of your site then it will follow every link listed on the sitemap. This means that every page of your site is been indexed by search engines.(Its not guarantee that it will be immediately indexed as soon as you submit your sitemap to search engines.)

Easy navigation

Navigation of your website is much more easier with sitemap. If you have a large site then your visitor may find it hard to find a page in your site thus using sitemap he can find the page because sitemap contain all links to your pages and posts on a single page. Sitemap not only helps search engine and visitors, it even help webmaster and bloggers they can have a quick glance by looking at there sitemap.

New websites

If your site is new then using a sitemap can help you a lot. When ever search engine spiders or bots crawl your site it will index your site faster. Sure you can also go without a sitemap but your site may not be seen and recognized, search engine may take more time to index your website. Every new site wants their site to be indexed by search engine as soon as possible.

So having a sitemap will help your site in SEO. Easy navigation for search engine spiders or bots, visitors, webmasters and blogger and there are much more benefits. Meanwhile you can check Linetoweb sitemap.

Do you use sitemap on your site ?. How you think sitemap can help your site in means of search engine optimization and visibility kindly share your views in comment section below.