Nothing is free in this world. The free things will always have some restrictions it is same with the free WordPress blogs i.e Although you can use it for personal blogging.

Here are some limitations of free WordPress blog.

Limited Theme Selection

With good contents you also need a good design for your website. Though you are using for personal blogging or business one, the impression left on a visitor may lead him to revisit the blog again. If you are planning for a custom design for your WordPress blog or any premium WordPress theme then you must not use free WordPress blog. It has few limited number of themes that can be used.

No Advertising

If you want to make money online from blogging then you must not choose as your blogging platform because it does not allow you to put advertisement on your blog.

WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are very much useful for blogging for various reasons. There are not all plugins which are available at WordPress blog does not allow you to upload plugins via FTP. This is one more drawback of free WordPress blogs.

Expensive Upgrades

Why you should go for the costly upgrades when there is an other alternative option available like

Sub domain restriction

Suppose I want to integrate a blog or forum for your domain like

  • Then this can’t be done on free WordPress blog you need a self hosted WordPress blog.

    Violation in terms and condition

    The major reason why many people migrate there blog from and to self hosted WordPress blog. The bad thing that can ever happen is your blog may be deleted anytime if you violate there terms and conditions.


    If you are serious about the limitations as mentioned above then i recommend you to move to self hosted WordPress blog.

    These are some of the drawbacks of free WordPress blogs so i opted for self hosted WordPress blog. Which one would you suggest to go for free or self hosted WordPress blog ??

    If you have any queries about free WordPress blog v/s self hosted WordPress blog then feel free to contact us.