Last Updated on : 09 October 2017

I recently joined Funnel University in June 2017 & I have to say its one of the awesome product by Russell Brunson. Russell has created an irresistible offer with funnel university which is very hard for people to say NO to become a member of funnel university.Funnel university is also known as funnelu.

By the way if you are new here and don’t know what funnels are ? then you can join a free training class with Russell Brunson where he explain funnels in detail. In this free live training class Russell Brunson not only explains the concept of funnels but he also deep dive into funnel that’s currently making him $17,947 PER DAY. Would you like to see what a funnel that’s currently making $17,947 PER DAY (not per month) looks like? >> Click Here To Register For The Free Training Class By Russell Brunson.

The most thing I like inside funnel university is the newsletter that Russell sends every month. This newsletter are literally the 7 figure cheat sheet in your hands.

funnel university free newsletters

You will be amazed inside funnel university seeing that Russell gives away his business secrets & tons of value almost for free.

So When I joined Funnel University there were two types of products one is physical products and the other one is digital products.

Once you join funnel university here is the physical products & books ( welcome gift ) Russell Brunson will send you to your desired shipping address.

Funnel University russell brunson physical product welcome gift

Funnel University Part 1 : The funnel university welcome gift physical product package contains :

1. Dotcomsecretslab – 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book (Simple tweaks that you can make to your website so you can make more money now!) ( This 108 proven split test winners book Russell Brunson was giving away for FREE but now Russell has stopped giving away this book separately and now the only ways to get this book for free is by joining funnel university.)

2. Funnel Stacking – The 3 Core Funnel and How they Work Together Book. ( You will get this book for free you need to cover only shipping and handling. In this book Russell shares the top 3 funnels that generates majority of income for his company.)

3. Funnel U Monthly Newsletters (Russell Brunson will send you new newsletter booklet for every funnel unversity members. According to me this newsletters are shortcut for 7 figure online business success. Not only Russell sends the newsletter you will find a bar-code inside every funnel u newsletter you can scan that code and it will directly take you to the video where Russell explains that funnel in huge detail. Don’t worry if you have missed the previous newsletters you can download them inside funnel university. By the time writing this article on 5 July 2017 there were 18 monthly newsletter that were present inside funnel university.)

4. Funnel U – The Handouts Booklet ( In this booklet you will find all the images that Russell Brunson explains in the Dotcomsecrets book. By seeing the image you will quickly remember the concept.)

5. Funnel U Black Card ( Black card is basically a pen drive in a credit card form. In this black card by Russell Brunson you will find the secrets to the online business directly from Russell. Again black card is a shortcut to success in your online business journey.)

The Funnel University Digital Product Package Contains :

Here is a sneak peek inside the members area of funnel university..

Funnel University members area sneak peek

Now let see what’s inside the funnel university website :

Funnel University Part 2 : Funnel University Exclusive Softwares…

Quick Note : All the funnel university softwares works with clickfunnels only. I highly recommend you to sign up for free clickfunnels 14 day trail before joining funnel university. Here is your free clickfunnels trail registration link. If you want to skip the trail and get 56% off at clickfunnels then checkout our private clickfunnels discount offer page.

6. Funnel University Instant Survey Generator Software + Free Video Training – Learn How To Master Instant Survey Generator In Less Than 20 Minutes (This software will allow you to create powerful surveys that you can plug into any ClickFunnels pages!)

7. Video Image Generator + Free Video Training – Learn How To Master Instant Image Generator In Less Than 20 Minutes. (Instantly turn every image into a “play button” and instantly upload them to amazon so you can use them in your emails, blog posts and more.)

8. Webinar Chat App + Free Video Training – Learn How To Master Instant Webinar Chat Generator In Less Than 20 Minutes. (You’ll increase your engagement on every autowebinar with the webinar chat box script.)

9. Instant File Uploader + Free Video Training – Learn How To Master File Uploader
In Less Than 20 Minutes (Need to quickly upload files, pdf’s, audio or video files that you can send to customers or add to your members area? This script is so powerful, you will use it daily!)

10. Image Headline Generator (Want to create amazing looking headlines that will actually INCREASE your conversions? If so, then you will use this tool almost everyday! It’s the best way to make your headlines pop!)

11. Plus More Each Month! (Every month Russell Brunson team is creating new tools to help make your funnel building live easier! Yes, this is like the gift that keeps on giving!!!)

Funnel University Part 3 : CF Pro Tools Add Ons ( CF pro tools members area )

Quick Note : All the funnel university CF pro tools add ons works with clickfunnels only. I highly recommend you to sign up for free clickfunnels 14 day trail before joining funnel university. Here is your free clickfunnels trail registration link. If you want to skip the trail and get 56% off at clickfunnels then checkout our private clickfunnels discount offer page.

This CF pro tools has a script code inside you just only need to copy paste the script into your clickfunnels account to make them work.

12. CF Check Button (This scripts adds a required checkbox before your button sub-text to add a confirmation of terms.)

13. CF Promo Code (Using this script you can add a promo code or discount offer code inside your funnels.)

14. Edit CF Page Bookmarklet (It will bookmark your pages so you can directly edit it.)

15. CF USA Only Shipping Hidden (Default your shipping country to United States and hide the country element from your order form so that users cannot select an alternative shipping country)

16. CF USA Only Shipping Disabled (Default your shipping country to United States and hide the country element from your order form so that users cannot select an alternative shipping country)

17. CF UTM Term Replacer (Using this script You can track keywords & more inside google analytics.)

18. CF Member Nav (Using this script You can add next lesson buttons inside your funnels.)

19. CF URL Email Replacer (Using this script you can send link to a button to another URL which includes an email address.)

20. CF Customer Info Replacer (As the name explains this scrips helps you to replace clickfunnels customer information like your name, email, address etc.,)

21. CF Cookie Timed Button (Using this script you can hide a button and you can show it after “x” minutes or “x” of the video or blog post or website and much more… You can customize and do many things with this script)

22. CF Best Seller Highlight (this script gives a highlight effect on your best seller products or you can also highlight any of the products which you want to push more.)

23. CF Rearrange Products (Using this script you can Rearrange your products inside clickfunnels.)

24. CF Add To Calendar (Using this script you can add a event to your customer google calendar or microsoft calendar.)

25. CF Remove Expiry Years (Using this script you can remove expiry years in credit card field of payment page inside clickfunnels.)

26. CF URL Keyword Replace (Using this script you can use URL to replace keywords inside the page. A classic example for this is whenever you visit an clickbank affiliate url sign up page you will see affiliate id at the bottom of the page )

27. CF Pass Product (It allows you to connect a button click on the sales page to select a specific product on the order form)

28. CF Select Default (It pre-select a different product on the order form other than just the first product.)

29. CF Bump Image (It add any image to the “bump” box on the order form. This is best used to insert a picture of the bump product)

30. CF Split Full Name (It split the name like first name, last name etc.,)

31. CF 2 Step Track Lead (Use this add-on to fire the track Lead Facebook pixel event when a user clicks the submit button on step 1 of a 2 step order form.)

32. CF Member Scroll To Content (Use this add-on in your members area to automatically scroll the user back to the top of your content whenever they click on a link in your member navigation.)

33. Funnel U Funnel Hacked (Using this script you can create a 2 payment option order form and select the right product based on the button clicked on the sales page.)

34. CF Cart Mode ( Using this script you can add multiple products to the same order and multiple quantities of the same product to the same order for example you are selling t-shirts and you want to add the size small, medium,large and extra large and add multiple number of t-shirts customer wants to order.)

35. CF Multiple OTOs (Using this script you can add multiple one time offers inside clickfunnels. )

36. CF Lesson Links (Using this script you can link to a specific lesson inside the members area)

37. CF State Selector (Using this script you can select the state inside clickfunnels)

38. CF Multiple Product Script (Using this script you can this replaces your radio buttons to check boxes inside clickfunnels order forms.)

39. CF Unslider Script (It can add a slider to your clickfunnels page. If you hover the image the slider stops and if you hover out of it again the slider starts working.)

40. CF Top Of Hour (Using this script you can put a countdown timer on autowebinar page or webinar registration page. It look like a webinar session is live)

41. CF Same Billing (If you have a order form where you collect information from customer on shipping address and billing address etc., then you can use this script to add a checkbox where your customer can choose whether it is the same address.)

42. CF Order Summary (Using the CF Order Summary script to add an order summary element to your order form that works with the CF Cart Mode script. Do not use this script if you are not using the CF Cart Mode script.)

43. CF FB Total Track (Using the CF FB Total Track add-on that installs on your Order Confirmation page to fire a Facebook pixel Standard Purchase Event and sends the order total amount to Facebook for conversion tracking.)

44. CF Toggle On Product (Adds toggle images and features based on the product selected.)

45. Magic Member Nav (Using this script you can add lesson navigation inside clickfunnels members area)

46. How To Change Page-Type (If you’ve ever spent hours building out a perfect page only to find out you couldn’t add an order form element to it because you started with the wrong page type, this lesson is for you. It will save you the heartache of having to spend those same hours again rebuilding things.)

47. … plus MORE new CF pro tools add-ons by Jaime Smith every month!

Funnel University Part 4 : Funnel University Sales Scripts

funnel university sales scripts

In this sales scripts section Russell Brunson shares his top secret sales scripts that he personally uses in his online business. You would happily pay five figure fees if somebody shares this with you. Today Russell is giving away all his sales scripts absolutely free. You can get access to funnel university for FREE 14 day trail. You can also download handout of all sales scripts inside the funnel university members area.

48. Perfect Webinar Scripts

In this perfect webinar scripts Russell Brunson teaches you how to create a webinar from scratch from Introdusction to call to action.

49. Star, Story, Solution Script

In this star, story, solution script Russell Brunson teaches you how to introduce star in the market to proving the solution to your market.

50. The OTO Bump

In the OTO bump script Russell Brunson teaches you on how to sell your one time offers. Russell says that its easier to get a second Yes from your customer and hence it is easier to sell OTO to your customers.

51. Who, What, Why, How

In the Who, What, Why, How sales script Russell uses this scripts personally to sell 70% of his stuff. Its the most simple script but once you learned it, Its the most powerful one.

52. Daily Seinfeld Emails

Consistency is the key to success.

53. Perfect Webinar Funnel

In this training Russell Brunson deep dives into creating a perfect webinar funnels and he also shows you examples of perfect webinar funnels that made him tons of money.

Funnel University Part 5 : Funnel University DCSLabs Funnel Reports

funnel university dot com secrets labs funnel reports ebooks

In this section you will get access to all dot com secrets labs funnel reports ebooks or digital booklets. You can download all these ebooks inside funnel university members area. All the ebooks are in pdf format which you can open in any pdf reader software or application.

54. The Order Form Bump Ebook

55. The Invisible Funnel Ebook

56. The Bridge Page Ebook

57. The Perfect Webinar Funnel Ebook

58. The Video Unlocker Ebook

59. The Ultimate Funnel Stack Ebook

60. The Funnel Catcher Ebook

61. The Lost Chapter : The Dream 100 Ebook – How to get unlimited leads into any of your sales funnel.

Funnel University Part 6 : Funnel University DCSLabs Split Test Reports

dot com secrets labs split test ebook

In this section you will get access to all dot com secrets labs split test reports ebooks or digital booklets. You can download all these ebooks inside funnel university members area. All the ebooks are in pdf format which you can open in any pdf reader software or application.

62. 108 Proven Split Test Winners Ebook

63. Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter Ebook

64. 2 Tiny Words… Ebook

65. The $10 MILLION Dollar Stack Ebook

66. The Evolution Of An Offer Ebook

67. Watch, Swipe, and Deploy Our Best Tests Ebook

Funnel University Part 7 : Funnel University The Black Card Videos

funnel university the black card videos

Here is the black card video shared by Russell Brunson inside Funnel University.

68. The 9 Core Funnels Training

69. Intro To Funnel Hacking

70. The DCS Book Funnel

71. The $400k Month Blueprint

72. Ultimate Supplement Funnel

73. Supplement Funnel

74. Info Product Funnel

75. High Ticket Funnel

76. Webinar Funnel

Funnel University Part 8 : Funnel University The Auto-Membership Site Blueprint…

funnel universit membership site blueprint

In this interview Russell Brunson with World Teacher Aid’s, Stu Mclaren, he unfolds the secrets of his multi-million dollar membership sites…

77. Membership site blueprint

Funnel University Part 9 : Funnel University Virtual Book Tour of Expert Secrets

two comma club coaching virtual book tour

The expert secrets virtual book tour training is a part of two comma club coaching program by Russell Brunson. The two comma club coaching home study course is sold for $1997 & 2 comma club coaching Intensive In-Person Workshop is sold for $14,997. For more details on two comma club coaching go to this website.

Inside funnel university you can also download the PDF transcripts Of Russell’s Virtual Book Tour..

78. Access to 2 comma club coaching virtual book tour of expert secrets & ebook.

Funnel University Part 10 : Funnel University Monthly Newsletters

funnel university free newsletters

funnel university monthly newsletters russell brunson

This is one of the most important and my favorite part of funnel university. In this Russell Brunson will send you monthly newsletters directly to your home or office. In every newsletter Russell take 2 funnels and explain every part of it. This funnel university monthly newsletter are literally 7 figure cheat sheet for your business. This newsletter will open your eyes to the online business world. Russell brunson also take other people successful funnels and show us why they are doing what they are doing. Recently Russell break down Frank Kern’s Inner circle funnel on newsletter number 15. In this newsletter he shares everything thing frank kern inner circle funnel if you model some of the business ideas which Russell Brunson shares in the monthly newsletter then you can make tons of $$$ from your business. This newsletters will also be sent on email and it will also be available for you to download in the ebook or digital booklet format. Don’t worry if you are joining funnel university today. You will get access to all of the newletters which were issued previously in digital format which you can download and read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc., or you can also print them and then read it.

As I said before every newsletter has atleast two video explaining each funnel in details. There is two ways to get access to this video…

1. Login inside Funnel University members area and go to Funnel University Month #”17″ Training. Suppose you want to go to 9th month newsletter then go to Funnel University Month #”9″ Training. Once you go there you will find the videos which explain the newsletter funnels in more detail.

2. The another way to access the video is scan the bar code available inside the monthly newsletter booklet and you will be directly taken to the videos.

Below is the list of newsletter by month, year and the content :

79. Funnel University – Issue #1 – January 2016

Get this months issue and learn how to fully fund a HUGE audience!

Funnel 1: Self Liquidating Content

Funnel 2: The Political Bridge

80. Funnel University – Issue #2 – February 2016

Get this months issue and learn how an invisible funnel works and how to promote high ticket offers!

Funnel 1: INVISIBLE Funnel

Funnel 2: High Ticket Funnel

81. Funnel University – Issue #3 – March 2016

Get this months issue and learn how to build continuity and KILLER video sales letters.

Funnel 1: Digital Marketer’s Continuity Funnel

Funnel 2: REO Rockstar’s VSL

82. Funnel University – Issue #4 – April 2016

This month… Learn how to plug in profits with Network Marketing and how Russell ran a product launch using the Perfect Webinar Script!

Funnel 1: Funnel Hacking Launch Funnel

Funnel 2: Network Marketing Plug Funnel

83. Funnel University – Issue #5 – May 2016

This month… Learn how to use the power of the quiz and survey inside of your sales funnels! Russell will show you how better engagement leads to better profits!

Funnel 1: The Acidic Quiz

Funnel 2: The Fabletics Quiz Funnel

84. Funnel University – Issue #6 – June 2016

As Russell show you the Supplement Stack, you’re going to think, “Oh cool, Russell. This is a quiz funnel.” And it is, but that’s not all it is. You’re also going to think, “Oh this is a free plus shipping funnel.” And it is, but that’s not all. And you’re going to think, “Oh this is a product launch.” Well it is, but it’s not just that either…

Funnel 1: The Supplement Stack

85. Funnel University – Issue #7 – July 2016

This month… Learn how to use the power of the quiz and survey inside of your sales funnels! We’ll show you how better engagement leads to better profits!

Funnel 1: Third Way Man

Funnel 2: Local Consultant Funnel

86. Funnel University – Issue #8 – August 2016

This month… Learn how to use the power of supplement funnels and one of my most classic go-to strategies, butterfly marketing funnel!

Funnel 1: CPA Supplement Funnel

Funnel 2: Butterfly Marketing

87. Funnel University – Issue #9 – September 2016

This month… Learn how to use the power of high end membership sites (surprisingly simple). Plus, learn how to capture leads locally…

Funnel 1: Frank Kern’s Inner Circle

Funnel 2: Local Painter Quotes

88. Funnel University – Issue #10 – October 2016

This month… Check out a VERY unique way to sell beef, plus a clever way to sell the knowledge already in your head…

Funnel 1: CrowdCow

Funnel 2: JustAnswer

89. Funnel University – Issue #11 – November 2016

Some say to never mix funnels with politics… oops… 🙂

Funnel 1: Funnel Friday’s

Funnel 2: Trump/Clinton Donation’s

90. Funnel University – Issue #12 – December 2016


We’re going to show you two of the hottest funnels we know of. Want a book funnel, but haven’t written one? No sweat! Wanna knock the socks off of eCommerce? Done!

Funnel 1: Borrowed Book Funnel

Funnel 2: Super eCommerce Funnel

91. Funnel University – Issue #13 – January 2017

“Welcome To Marketing In Your Car!”

This month we go behind the scenes on my podcast funnel (how many podcasters do you know who actually have a paid way to gain listeners???). Plus, we’ll show you the UNIQUE backend offer behind Funnel Graffiti (watch for it closely).

Funnel 1: Marketing In Your Car

Funnel 2: Funnel Graffiti

92. Funnel University – Issue #14 – February 2017

Join us this month for a special issue while we dive deep into the BILLION dollar business ‘Dollar Shave Club’ and the awesome ‘Dollar Beard Club’.

Funnel 1: Dollar Shave Club

Funnel 2: Dollar Beard Club

93. Funnel University – Issue #15 – March 2017

Jacked. Yoked. Totally Swol.
Join us this month as we check out the incredible marketing behind an amazing fitness funnel. We’ll also dive deep into the magic behind Frank Kern’s Inner Circle funnel process…

Funnel 1: Strength Camp Funnel

Funnel 2: Kern Inner Circle

94. Funnel University – Issue #16 – April 2017

“WHAT??? Russell, I thought you only did PAID traffic!”

Neope! I also love traffic I “don’t control”… This month we’re going to dive into how I take traffic I control, and traffic i don’t control, and turn it into traffic that I own…

Funnel 1: Home Page Funnel

Funnel 2: Funnel Hacking – Back to Basics

95. Funnel University – Issue #17 – May 2017

“As I write this, we’ve already sold 66,000+ copies of our book in a VERY short amount of time. Wanna see how? Well you’re in luck! This issue is ALL about my book funnel and how we got so much buzz… (you’re welcome)” – Russell Brunson.

Expert Secrets Book Funnel

96. Funnel University – Issue #18 – June 2017

This month we get to take a closer look at the success behind TWO viral videos AND the physical product they’re promoting. First, lets dive into an awesome supplement funnel (so pumped for them). Then, we’ll go watch Goldilocks crush eggs on her Purple mattress…

Funnel 1: Supplement Funnel

Funnel 2: Viral Ecommerce Funnel

Funnel University Pricing :

Funnel University is absolutely FREE for first 14 Days using the FREE trail & after the trail ends then its only $67 per month (Normally its $197 per month). (Note: funnel university welcome gift i.e books and black card is free but you need to pay for shipping and handling.)

Funnel University Discount Offer (Huge Discount 75% off) :

If you buy Funnel University yearly membership which costs normally $2,364 per year but today you can get funnel university yearly membership for just $597 per year. (Skip the free trail and save 75%)

Funnel University Final Recap & Conclusion :

Till date it is by far one of the best online business training course I have seen so far. I have been in this online marketing industry for almost 10 years but I have not seen this type of valuable offer for absolutely lowest cost to free. Russell Brunson opens his knowledge and experience inside funnel university. I highly recommend you to atleast give funnel university a TRY in your lifetime because Gone are the days where Real estate, offline business were on top, In present Internet business is the only business that is BOOMING.Funnel university is one of the best coaching program for every individual who is interested in business. No matter where you go if you have knowledge that Russell teaches you inside funnel university it will help you to go to the next level in your business or job.


See You Inside the Funnel University Members area…